0: Guild Rules

The Third Tarantian Legion is a serious mature adult roleplay group.  We don't require everyone be an expert at roleplay, but we do require that they try.  Because roleplay means many different things to different people, we've created some DOs and DON'ts.  These are guild rules.  A guild member may be warned or even kicked out of the guild for violating them.


RP -Roleplay,  A form of improvisational acting where one takes on the persona of ones character.

IC - In character, statements and actions made  by the character

OOC- Out of character, statements and actions made by the player

Reasonable - Defined by the guild leader according to the situation


(0) When not in an OOC channel please be in character at all times unless it is unavoidable.  The occassional OOC comment is acceptable IF it is reasonably rare, reasonably necessary and prefaced by any of the usual ways for marking OOC statements ( "ooc:" , " (( ... ))", etc )

(1) Our Guild channel is OOC.  Tyr to use that for any OOC dialog.  A group channel is normally OOC but may be declared IC by the agreement of the members of the group.  If it is declared IC it should NOT be used for communicating with any oither member of the group who is not within line of sight,

Public speech (Say) is always IC. 

(1) No Angst/No "scripting". Lets face it, if most MMO players could write, they'd be writers. Way too often scripting turns into "hey pay attention to me now" sessions and that violates my definition of maturity.

(2) Reasonable, interesting characters.  Godlings are *boring*. What makes a character a hero may be defined by their abilities, but what makes them a *person* is defined by their weaknesses. And stories need to be about people to be interesting.

(3) No interpersonal player-politics. I get enough of that at work.

(4) No power-posing. See #1.

(5) We are a "lifestyle friendly" guild.  Please see article 7 for the ruls about that.

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